Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport

Sport Psychology

Skill and Ability

A skill is an action or way of behaving that can be learned.

Once learned a skill can be performed easily and efficiently again and again with the same or a very similar outcome

An ability is different to a skill. It is something a person is born with, that they inherit. This means that it doesn't change throughout a person's life. An ability can, however, affect a person's potenital to learn or improve a particular skill

Classifications of skill

Basic                                                                                                                      Complex

Open                                                                                                                      Closed

Self paced                                                                                                              Externally paced

Gross movement                                                                                                   Fine Movement

Basic Skill: simple skill that does not require much concentration

Complex Skill: a skill that requires a great deal of concentration and coordination to perform

Open Skill: a skill that is performed in a certain way to deal with changing or unstable environments

Closed Skill: a skill that is not affected in any way by the environment or


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