Socialisation process

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Structural theories


  • We are socialised to fulfil a functional prerequisite

  • Social institutions socialise us into the shared culture, norms and values and goals of society

  • Parsons claims we are part of a value consensus which promotes harmony and social order

  • Socialisation has a positive effect because it produces value consensus

Evaluation of functionalism

  • It doesn't explain why some people do not follow the social norms of society; e.g. people who commit crimes


  • The socialisation process is ultimately negative because it socialises us into the capitalist values which benefit the rich and powerful in society

  • Society is not harmonious, instead it is divided and exploitive

  • Karl Marx argues it is divided into the bourgeoisie, who own the mean of production, and the proletariat, who sell their labour to the bourgeoisie. He argues this relationship is exploitive since the bourgeoisie pay low wages and


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