Social Learning Theory of Aggression

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What is social learning theory (SLT)?

People will observe a lot of different role models behaving in many different ways. So for each situation we find our self in, we will select the most appropriate behaviour based on what we have seen others use. Aggression may be one of the options that we see a role model do in a similar situation, and it is only one option.

Evidence regarding SLT:-

  • Bandura, Ross and Ross (1961)

They wanted to show that children will copy aggressive behaviour from adult models.

Children saw an adult role model performing aggressive acts towards a Bobo doll. During a 20 minute period of play afterwards, the number of aggressive acts diplayed by the children were counted.

The children were far more aggressive than comparison group of children who did NOT witness an aggressive adult model.

  • Bandura (1965)

Bandura repeated the study of…


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