Social Culture- Peace and Conflict


The United Nations

Conflict resolution- bringin a fight or struggle to a peaceful conclusion
Exploitation- taking advantage of a weaker group
The United Nations- an international body set up to promote world peaca and co-operation.
World Peace- the ending of war throughout the whole world and the basic aim of the united nations.

The UN should ensure equal rights for people, it has a counter terrorism programme, it helps organise peaceful and fair electrons and provides a peacekeeping force of police and soldiers. 

The UN is divided into different councils that concentrate on different areas it also publicises areas of injustice, gets celebrities to raise awareness and lead campaigns and is responsible for the International Court of Justice. 

Religious Organisations and world peace

Religious organisations want to acheive world peace because most religions contain the golden rule in one way or another.

Reasons for Warfare

  • Political differences
  • Economic Advantages
  • Racial/ Cultural Differences
  • History
  • Protection
  • Patriotism

Aggression- attacking without being provoked
Just war- a war that is fought for the right reasons

Thomas Aquinas came up with the idea of just war, he taught that a war was morally right if it met certain criteria:

  • Must be started for a just cause
  • Must be declared by the authority of the state or ruler
  • Must be fought with a suitable amount of force
  • Should have good intentions
  • Should have a good chance of success

Pacifism- the belief that all disputes should be settled by peaceful means

Christian Attitudes to


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