Social Approach - Assumptions+Strengths&Weaknesses

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A - Assumption L - Link (to) B - Behaviour U - Use S - Study

One assumption of the social apporach is that our behaviour is influenced by the situations and environments around us. In the Milgram study, the “teacher” continued to shock the “learner” if an answer was wrong and the implied presence of the researcher was there showing how the presence of the authority figure determined whether they continied with the experiment or not.

One strength of the social approach is that it has useful applications as it shows us how tyranny is likely to arise when the groups break apart and don’t conform with each other like is shown in Reicher and Haslam where the prisoners didn’t identify with each other. It teaches the guards and training guards to be more assertive towards the prisioners and restore order




this is really helpful please can you do one on the cognitive approach 

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