Social Action Theory

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  • Social action theorists see people as having more proactive role in shaping social life.
  • Most people engage in voluntary behaviour, and do not feel like they are puppets of society.
  • The attitudes and actions of others influence the way people think and behave.
  • Society is a product of people interacting in social groups, trying to make sense of their own and each others behaviour.
  • People bring a set of interpretations to every social interaction and use them to understand social behaviour.
  • When people interact they look for symbols such as smiling to read how the other person sees their behaviour. Smiling = social approval.
  • Experience of symbolic interaction gives people knowledge about what behaviour is appropriate in different situations.
  • They learn about how to behave in different social situations such as a party as appose to a funeral.
  • Socialization involves learning a stock of shared interpretations which shows them the personality characteristics of certain cultures.
  • For example, In British Culture mothers are meant to be loving,  nurturing and selfless, so women who are mothers will attempt to live up to this description.
  • As children grow up socialization helps then learn what is expected of them.
  • Sociologist say people have a…


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