Social learning explanation of gender development


Social learning explanation

  • Social learning theory acknowledges the role that the social context plays in development and states that all beh is learned from observing others
  • It draws attention to the influence of the environment in shapimg gender development 

Direct reinforcement

  • Children are more likely to be reinforced for demonstrating beh that is gender-appropriate
  • The way in which boys and girls are encouraged to show distinct gender-appropriate behaviour is called differential reinforcement
  • It is through this differential reinforcement that a child learns their gender identity
  • Behs that are reinforced are imitated, more likely to imitate beh that has been reinforced

Vicarious reinforcement

  • If the consequences of another person's behaviour are favourable, the behaviour is more likely to be imitated e.g. little girl seeing mother get compliments for wearing makeup 
  • If the consequences are seen as unfavourable, beh is less likely to be imitated .e.g. boy sees another boy being teased for crying

Identification and modelling

  • Identification refers to the process whereby a child attaches themself to a person who is seen to be like them/ someone they…


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