Social L&C



  • transfer of meaningful info from one person to another


  • system of sounds that convey meaning because of shared grammatical and semantic rules
  • organised way of combining words to communicate 
  • form of communication that uses a systematic set of conventional symbols
  • symbols used to represent sounds that when put together form words, phrases and sentences
  • direct without words - face expressions, stance, gestures, voice tone
  • indirect without words - writing, maths, music, painting

Breaking down speech

  • phonemes - smallest units of sound in languag, aquire meaning when combined
  • semantics - study of meaning in a language 
  • morpheme - smallest unit of meaning in spoken language
  • sentences - language rules dictate syntax, how morphemes put together to form sentences


  • sees 'private speech' as means for children to plan activities and strategies, aiding development, so language is accelerator to thinking/understanding
  • language develops fom social interactions, for communication purposes - later becomes internalised as 'thought' and 'inner speech', so thought is result of language
  • social interactionist theory 
  • > language developmentoccurs through interaction between parent and child
  • > language plays two critical roles in cognitive development:
  • == main means of adults transmitting…


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