Social CC&O


  • comply with another's requests
  • when under pressure, target goes along with request
  • overtly behave in way consistent with requests from others
  • tactics for inducing compliance
  • > ingratiation - getting recipient to like you and agree with you by looking attractive, increasing similarities
  • > reciprocity principle - makes recipient feel they owe you, Regan found compliance is greater in those who received a favour, guilt arousal as guilty people more likely to comply
  • > foot in the door - greater compliance with 'big' request if first got person to comply with smaller request, works with self perception theory as by doing small requested the target sees themselves as helpful so want to comply with larger requests
  • > low ball tactic - target asked to perform behaviour, after agrees the true cost is revealed but committed so can't back down
  • > door in the face tactic - initially make large request, appear 'conciliatory' and make smaller request which was your actual goal, so target people think you're compromising


  • conforming…


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