Snoking - Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide As Biology OCR Unit 2

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Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide
Chemicals found in cigarette smoke
Enter the lungs and cause changes in the circulation
Lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases

  • Atherosclerosis :deposition of fatty substances in the walls of arteries
  • CHD
  • Stroke

chemica in smoke that causes addiction
Nicotine mimics the action of transmitter substances at synapses between nerves - makes nervous system more sensetive and the smoker feels more alert
Releases adrenaline hormone - increase the heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure in the arteriols and constricts them
Reduces blood flow to the extermities
makes platets sticky - increases risk of blood clot or thrombus

Carbon Monoxide
Enters RBC and combines with  haemoglobin
Combines to form carboxyhaemoglobin - reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity…


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