Snaith//A6 Compare how the writers feel and write about their experience. (Component 2, Hot Air Balloon Text)



EXTRACT 1:                                        EXTRACT 2:

Feel: Mayhew had good conditions,            Hempleman-Adams has poor conditions,

 he feels relaxed: 'floated gently...       he is terrified: 'as I had feared, the weather

 still cloudless skies'                            wasn't conducive'

Feel: Mayhew feels excited: 'hum...            Hempleman-Adams is nervous/anxious:

 buzzing'                                              'I was nervous'

How: Positive connotations: 'the most        Negative connotations: 'the scariest'

 exquisite' (superlative)                       (superlative)

How: Pace - slow, takes care with              Pace - fast, focusses on emotion rather 

 explaining the 'visual delight'              than the journey…


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