snaith// Story writing// Write a story entitled 'The Present'


The Present


The welcoming glow of the log burner transferred its cosy warmth into excitement and happiness to all that were in proximity. An only child knelt at the coffee table; her hopes of presents exuded from her gel pen dried assertively on the pink card. She naively hoped that by doing this, she could guarantee almost the expensive list by writing them down to add permanency. Joined in the living room now were two [parents, equally merry in spirit due to the atmosphere. The fire roared blissfully as the paper is thrown, blackened, shrivelled and rose artistically in the eyes of the spectators. The little girl’s eyes illuminated and widened in this almost magical spectacle.

Dawn rays, projected by the winter sun, found their way through the curtain eyelets. An inviting glow drifted the fuscia…


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