SNAB A2 biology course - Topic 7, chapter 1 key words

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Key Words

Flex - when muscles contract to bend joints

Extend - when muscles relax to straighten joints

Joint - a place in the body where muscles bring about movement

Antagonistic - muscles only pull they don't push. A pair of muscles that work together that pull to extend or flex a joint are called an antagonistic pair of muscles.

Flexor - a muscle that contracts to flex a muscle. E.g. the hamstring muscles contract to bend the knee. 

Extensor - a muscle that contracts to cause an extension of a joint. E.g. the quadriceps contract to straighten out the knee.

Synovial joints - the bones that move in the joint are separated by a cavity filled with synovial fluid. 

Synovial fluid - a fluid that enables joints to move freely. It acts like a lubricant.

Ligaments - joins  bones to bones. Must be strong and flexible.

Tendons - joints muscle…


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