Small Island Quotes

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England at a time when lodgings put up signs like “No Irish, no coloureds, no dogs”.

'the Windrush generation''.

[Queenie]"Too many Poles. Overrun by Czechs. Couldn't move for the Belgians. And as for the Jews"... Mr. Todd wanted none of them down our street.

Queenie upon meeting a african man for the first time at a exhibition is suprised to find that his hands are 'warm and sweaty like anyone else's'

[Mr Todd] "That National Health Service - it's pulling them in,'' he complains. With all the free dental work and ophthalmic attention on offer, it's no wonder the streets are full of "darkies''.

[Gilbert about the effects of the war]"Too much seen to go back. Too much changed to know which way is forward.''

[Hortense about her father] 'The sound of my father's name could still hush a room long after he had left Savannah-La-Mar'.

The "insufferable" Hortense has queenly expectations of England, which she regards as her 'destiny'.

believes her 'golden skin' is superior in a country of darker skins.

"noble in a way that would some day make him a legend".

[Hortense]"Cha, why he no lick the bread first before giving it to me to eat?''.

[Bernard] ''England had shrunk,'' he tells us. ''It was smaller than the place I'd left.''

refers to immigrants (Hortense and Gilbert) as 'wogs'.

Bernard supremist attitude shown as he is appalled that Gilbert "gazed at me as if I was the foreigner".

"England is for the…


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