Sleep stages

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Stages of Sleep

          EEG (electroencephalogram) introduced by Berger in 1929 recorded brain activity and showed …

          Clearly identifiable stages of brain activity during sleep (Dement, Aserinsky & Kleitman (1950’s).

          Brain activity looks different when someone is awake or asleep.

          When they are asleep 2 distinct types can be seen – NREM and REM.

NREM goes through different stages

Two Main Types of Sleep            

          Slow-wave sleep (NREM)

          Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep

Up and down the “sleep escalator”

          Most people have 5 cycles of sleep a night that last approximately 90 minutes. Slow-wave sleep (SWS) occurs in only the first two cycles; REM sleep occurs in all of the cycles,


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