Sleep disorders

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1/2000 people effected.
~extreme daytime sleepiness
~cataplexy - sudden loss of muscle tone can be brought on by emotional arousal
~hypnagogic hallucinations - dreamlike experiences during wakefulness
~sleep paralysis - inability to move.

50% show 4 symptoms - usually cataplexy and other symptoms reflect invasion of REM
- Gene defect is responsible for the neurochemical orexin. Proposed lack of orexin is the cause of narcolepsy
-Normally develops teenage years. Higher concordance between MZ and DZ twins meaning it cannot solely be genetic.
- No effective treatment as drugs to increase orexin levels have not been developed.

Sleep apnoea
* Repeated episodes of breathing failures, lasting 20-40 seconds
*To be clinically diagnosed it requires you to have more than 5 episodes a night


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