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The Journey

Between 1540 and 1850 approx 15,000,000 Africans were transported to the americas. To maximize profits, slave merchants would carry as many slaves as possible. They would spend months below the deckof the ship squuezed up, with dysentry, and other diseases in the crude ater around them.

Slave ship Zong-

6th December 1781, Zong left africa for Jamaica. 17 crew and 440 slaves.

In Novevember they approached, 60 slaves dead, 7 of the crew dead.

Captain Collingwood threw slaves over board, as he would lose money as nobody would buy his slaves. he culd then claim money from the insurance that he wouldn't if he said that they died from Natural causes. 

The slaves would work on sugar plantations all day, where they would be treated cruelly

American slavery

Black people were originally brought from Africa to America during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. They were forcibly transported across the Atlantic in slave ships (in which many died) and sold as slaves to work on sugar and cotton plantations in the Caribbean and the southern states of north America. They had no rights and were seen by their white owners as little more than animals or machines.

 The British hunger for sugar rose, and slave owners becamevery rich, making profits of 5,000…


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