Skills and Techniques - Mechanical Principles

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Transfer of Weight and Application of Force

Transfer of Weight

  • For a whole variety of different skills and techniques you need to transfer your weight for effective performance.
  • At times, this can be in single actions such as throwing the javelin. At other times, for example when running, simple actions are repeated.

For some skills and techniques the transfer of weight can be from legs to arms and back to legs. A handspring in gymnastics is an example of this type of transference of weight.

Application of Force

When performing different skills and techniques different forces are applied and resisted.
For ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
The more powerful muscles contractions are, the greater the force which can be applied.

If speed is required then the greater the force applied the better. Differences in the mass of the body will affect performance. If the force applied to the sprinting block is the same, the athlete with the smaller mass will accelerate at a quicker rate.

Rotation and Resistance

  • Rotation is the movement of


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