Situation/Christian Ethics

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Situation Ethics

  • Love is the law - an action is only moral if it results in the most love shown
  • Paul Tillich talked about agape love (selfless, unconditional love for one person with no sexual implications)
  • It is based on ideas from the New Testament
  • It says that each situation should be considered individually because no two circumstances are the same
  • Joseph Fletcher developed the theory in the 1960's
  • There are four working principles: personalism (the theory is person-centered), pragmatism (it always looks at issues in a practical way), positivism (it is always acting in a loving way) and relativism (performing an action based on each individual circumstance)
  • There are six fundamental principles: "only love is intrinsically good, nothing else," "the ruling norm of Christian ethics is love," "love and justice are the same - love is justice distributed," "love thy neighbour," "only the ends justify the means" and "love's decisions are made situationally, not prescriptively"

Traditional Christian/Catholic views/Natural Law

  • Traditional Catholic and Christian…


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