Situational Variable affecting obedience- Key study

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Milgram 1963 


40 paricipants were told they were taking part in a study into how punishment effects learning. 2 confederates (the experimenter and learner) were paired with a real participnt (the teacher). the teacher had to test the learner on his abilty to remeber word pairs, every time he got one wrong the teacher was required to shock him. the shocks ranged from 15 volts to 450 volts. the learner in another room gave mainly wrong answers, at 300 volts he began to demand to be released after 330 volts he stops making any noise at all. the experimenter gave prods to get the teacher to continue,


65% of p's continued to 450 volts even though it was labled ***. all p's went to 300 volts and only 5 stopped there.


  • teacher and learner in the same room- obedience levels fell to 40%
  • teacher required to press the learners…


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