Situation Ethics

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The general principles of situation ethichs is the middle way between legalism and antinomianism, the idea of situation, consicence, what it is and what it is not, the emphasis on making moral decisions rather than following rules

Theory was devised by Joseph Fletcher

Fletcher disagreed with merley following lwas as such created a source of christian morality that was radically different to more traditional, absolutists deontological sources of christain moraltilty, namley the ten commandments and Natural Moral Law.

Therefore Fletcher developed an ethical theory based on teachings and example of Jesus emplahsising the importance of basing our ethcial decisions on what would bringt about the most loving results.

Flethcer's theory is a teleological theory, because it determinesthe rightness or wrongness of an action on the result of the action

This theory is also relativsitc, as Fletcher states that we should not follow rules blindly, but rather we should consider each situation individually, and decide what action wwould result in the most love in that situation

Fletcher's situation ethics is…


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