Situation British army faced in 1916

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The situation faced by the British army in 1916:

 In December 1916, Sir Douglas Haig replaced Sir John French (who had paid the price for the costly falining at Loos), as the new commander-in-chief for the BEF.
 Haig worked closely with Haldan in re-shaping the British army after the Boer War.
 Haig now commanded the largest military force Britain had ever sent overseas.

Problems faced by Haig and the British army:

 Haig commanded five armies, each composed of hundreds of thousands of Men, all of whom needed; feeding, moving, welfare and leisure provision and medical services.
 One 24-hour period in 1918 943, 947 shells were fired at a small area of the Western front.
 1915 – severre shortages of shells and heavy guns.
 1916 – far too few really heavy vallibre guns and Howitzers.
 Massive artillery…




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