Situation Ethics

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Situation Ethics 

Key words:

Justice: notion of fair distribution - Flethcher sees it as a tough love/ love applied to the world.

Pragmatism: Acting practically not just ideologically in moral situations.

Relativism: Rejction of absolute moral standards (laws and rights) - Fletcher sees good and bad as relative to love.

Positivism: Proposes somthing as true or good without demonstrating it.

Personalism: Ethics centered on people rather than laws/objects.

Conscience: A faculty within us, a process of moral reaoning - Fletcher described it as a function not a faculty.

Antinomian ethics: 'Anti meaning agianst and 'Nomos' meaning greek for law- it does not recogise the role of the law in morality.

Situtional ethics: Ethics based on a situation not on fixed rules.

Agape: Unconditional love = the only ethical norm in situationism.                                                       - The love God has for…


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