Sir Francis Drake


Sir Francis Drake, was born in Tavistock, Devon in around 1540 and was at sea at early ages. In 1567, Drake made one of the 1st English slaving voyages as part of a fleet led by his cousin Jihn Hawkins, bringing African slaves to work in the 'New World' . All but 2 ships of the expedition were lost when attacked by a Spanish squadron. The Spanish became a lifelong enemy for Drake and they in turn considers him a pirate. 

In 1570 and 1571, Drake made 2 profitable trading voyages to the West Indies. In 1572, he commanded 2 vessels in a marauding expedition against Spanish ports in the Caribean. He saw the Pacific Ocean and captured the port of Nombre de Dios on the Isthmus of Panama. He returned to Engalnd with a cargo of Spanishh treasure and a reputation as a brilliant privateer. In 1577, Drake was secertly commissioned by Elizabeth I to set off on an expedition against the Spanish colonies on the American Pacific coast. He sailed 5 ships, but by the time he reached the Pacific…


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