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  • the Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance was in 1950
  • Mao told Stalin on the 2nd October 1950 that he wouldn't commit troops even though he just sent advisors
  • but on the 19th October, Mao relented 
  • China bore the brunt of 900,000 troops' casualties
  • China were forced to pay $1.35 million back to the USSR in equipment
  • the de-stalinisation speech which was criticised by Mao was released in February 1956
  • the Hungarian uprising of 1956 was crushed which concerned Mao because the same could happen to them at any time
  • Mao disliked the policy of peaceful coexistence
  • Khrushchev visited Beijing in 1958 but it wasn't that successful after Mao gave him a hotel that had no air…


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