Sin0-Soviet relations 1950 - 1970

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Sino-soviet relations so far



Sino-soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance – also agrees military and economic assistance from USSR.

Mao wanted economic aid and protection from the USSR.

He visited the Soviet Union

From the treaty Mao gained: Mutual defence treaty, guaranteed aid for China, rebuilding industry with soviet experts, plans of transforming Russia.

Economic gains worth $300M to China & equipment for defence.


June: The Korean War

Mao’s attitude: the only way to unite Korea was through military action, but not yet!

He sent 700 000 volunteers, the timing would suggest that Stalin was he decider.



The Taiwan crisis

  • China wanted to kill the Nationalists who fled to Taiwan (after communist revolution 1949), they also wanted the Island Quemoy, Matsu and Yijiangshan controlled by Taiwan.

  • Mao shelled Taiwan, intending to register his displeasure towards this establishment of SEATO ( South East Asia Treaty Organisation) TAKE IT BACK 4 CHINAAAA

  • The soviets were not keen on this as it may increase the risk of war.

  • The Chinese Nationalists did not back down, in the end they gave up the Taschen Islands but

    not Q…


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