Silkhism In Relationships

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Sikhism In Relationships

Views on Chastity

Chastity is a very important aspect of Sikh teaching because the divine spark of Waheguru (God) is present in every human body, and so the body has to be kept clean and perfect. Anything that may harm the body should be avoided. Sex should be limited to married couples, this means that pre-marritail and extra-marritail sex is forrbidden.

A male sikh should consider all females older than his as his mother, equal in age to him as a sister and younger than him a daughter.

Views on Marriage And Adultery

Marriage is seen as a commitment before Waheguru and the purpose of it is companionship and help on their spiritual path rather than enjoyment. The married relationship is summed up in the phrase "two souls, one body", so being faithfull to a husband or wife is central to Sikh life. Monogamy is the rule in sikhism.

Views on Sex

In a marriage a couple can regulate their sex life. Some Sikhs believe that it is a great virtue to deny themselves sexual intercourse in order to create a divine love. Family life is the aim for every Sikh in order to concieve and nurture


Miss KHP


Some colourful, simple notes as an introduction to relationships and Sikhism.

Useful for anyone that is studying Sikhism as part of their GCSE RE examination.

Once complete, test yourself to assess your progress.


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