Signs of Jesus

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Water Into Wine: #1

Not in the synoptics.

Jesus replaces the old Jewish Rituals. The water in the jars was not enough/complete, but when Jesus turned it into wine, 'the feast became complete'.

Wine = Blood of Christ = Salvation.

OT: God was the bridegroom, Israel was the unfaithful bride.

NT: Jesus is betrothed to the new, faithful, Church (New Israel).

'Third day': Resurrection.

Russell: Jesus calls mother 'woman' (Eve?). 6 stone jars = 6th day of creation (man & 'woman').

6 jars = 6th day of the week = Jesus' death ('hour has not yet come', his death?).

Jesus came to the wedding with his disciples = the Messiah coming to the New Israel with his people.

Healing at the Pool:


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