Shostakovich Movement One


For a Question on the 1st Movement...

Main Points

  • It is in Sonata Form and Begins in D Minor
  • Series of Motifs that are developed later on
  • Figure 4 - Long Cantalina, Pleading at time with occasional support from the flutes .Also high register which creates intensity
  • Figure 6 - 1a in Octaves in Strings, Long cantalina is 1d developed. Contrapuntal texture
  • Figure 9 = 2nd SUBJECT. - Eb Minor now. Haunting, lyrical melody in the 1st violins Habenera Act 1 Scene 5  of Bizet's Carmen. Pulsating throbbing chords in the string and Harp punctuates chord changes.
  • Figure 14 - Ascending Violin and Flute. There is an Eb Major moment to contrast to Eb Minor.
  • Figure 17 = DEVELOPMENT. Number of composate sections which create a steady accumulation of intensity


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