Shell Shock

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How is shell shock presented in Strange Meeting?

During his short time on the front line, Barton is introduced to the true horrors of war and its unpredictable nature. Part 2 is seen as the climactic point for Barton, as he finally comes to realise the futility and choas of death. Shell shock was also known as "combat stress" and PTSD and was originally throught to have been caused by exploding shells on the front line, but as time went on, medical staff realised there were deeper causes. Some men began to suffer the same symptoms without having been in the front lines. This is evident in Barton's character especially in part 2 when we see his reaction to the town of Feuvry in a letter he has written to home. Hill uses very descriptive language to convey the horrors of the setting, Barton saying to his family "now they all mean nothing, they are rubbish, rolling about in corners, rotting in heaps." This shows the reader that his transition to a more unrecognisable Barton has begun. This is the start of his Charater's climactic moment. He has seen the aftershocks of war and the death it has caused, but he has not yet ecperienced death on the front line.

After being on the front line for less than a day, Barton's ethos has completely shifted, where he once believed that he was doing his duty, he has now seen the horrors of war and the fragility of life, which has caused him to have a completely different outlook on the war. His logos no longer holds up, he has alwats felt that he had a responsibility, and he wanted more of it, for example when he chose to go down and speak to Harris, he wanted that responsibility. However, after seeing the private die in front of him on the front line, he has


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