She Walks In Beauty


She Walks In Beauty

Languag- Byron uses light and dark like a painter would, in order to portraythe extraordinary beauty of his muse.

                  - In an almost paradoxicalway the „best of dark and bright‟ combine within her person in order to create her awe inspiring beauty.

                  - References to „starry skies‟ and the „tender light‟ of the moon and the stars also serve as metaphorsfor her beauty.

                  - The metaphor of light and dark is extended even furtherin the line „One shade the more, one ray the less‟ to show that the point of perfection is characterised by fine details. Byron uses this tautologyin order to emphasizethat light and shadow are in perfect balance.

                  - As well as her looks, the woman‟s character is also described in terms of light and dark. Her expression „softly lightens o’er her face‟ and her cheeks „glow‟ as a result of her good deeds.

                  - As well as employing a lot of visual imagery in the metaphors of light and dark, the poem also uses a lot of aural effects. For instance, line 2 displays both alliterationin the phrase „Of cloudless climes‟ and sibilancein „starry skies‟. The effect of this aural imagery enhances the lyrical quality of the language as the words themselves are beautiful in their own right.

                  - Byron also explores the theme of inner and outer beautyin this poem. He writes that her „smiles‟ and


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