Sharpeville (1960)

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Who: The Sharpeville march was lead by Robert Sobukwe of the PAC.

What: The PAC announced that they would hold a march where black people walked from Soweto to the police station of Sharpeville. This was an organized march where the blacks were encouraged to walk without their passes and ultimately confess to the police. The theory behind it was that the police couldn’t arrest all of the black people on the march.

When: The protest was to be held on the 21st of March, 1960.

Where: The march was to end in the township of Sharpeville.

Why: The PAC and the ANC decided they would campaign against the pass laws. This called for mass disobedience.

What Happened?:

8:00 am- the crowd gathered outside the Sharpeville police station after marching from Soweto. The crowd demanded that they all be arrested for not having their


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