Shakespeare's Language Part 5.


It's easy to feel intimidated by Shakespeare's bizarre language. Don't be - the weird stuff is there for a reason, and it's nothing to worry about. Even if it does seem like utter twaddle...

Don't Worry about the funny Old Words.

Don't be put off - it's normally pretty obvious what they mean.

"Thee" and "thou" = "you"

"Thy" = "your"

"Hath" = "has"

1) Funny verb endings:

hast = have.

2) Missing words (eek!):

I must another way = I must go another way.

3) Missing letters:

banish'd = banished.

wish'd = wished.

Shakespeare makes a lot of Comparisons.

Shakespeare loves comparing things to other things.

Sometimes he'll give you a helping hand by making it really


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