Shakespeare's Language Part 3.


Shakespeare writes a lot in verse, or poetry - and he often uses lots of words to say something simple. This page will help you to make sense of what you're reading.

Don't stop reading at the End of the Line.

When you read verse, it's tempting to stop at the end of a line. Don't - unless there's a full stop, the sentence carries on. It makes no sense if you pause at the end of every single line. Try reading this extract from The Tempest.

ALONSO: You cram these words into mine ears against

The stomach of my sense. Would I had never

Married my daughter there, for, coming thence,

My son is lost, and, in my rate, she too,

Who is so far from Italy removed

I ne'er again shall see her. O thou mine heir

Of Naples and of Milan, what strange fish

Hath made his meal on thee?

  • If you stop at…


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