Shakespeare's Language Part 2.


When you first read a Shakespeare play, it seems like you'll never understand a word. Don't give up, though. The more you read the play, the easier it gets and the more you'll get it.

The language Isn't everyday Modern English.

Shakespeare wasn't trying to confuse you by using funny language - believe it or not, when he was alive people really did use those strange words. He wrote his plays about 400 years ago.

See if this speech from The tempest is any easier to understand after you've read the "translation".

Here's what's in the play...

PROSPERO: Behold, Sir King,

The wronged Duke of Milan, Prospero.

For more assurance that a living prince

Does now speak to thee, I embrace thy body,

And to thee and thy company I bid

A hearty welcome.

ALONSO: Whe'er thou be'st


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