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Act 2, Sence1, lines 92 - 195

Don John tells Claudio that Don Pedro loves Hero, Claudio believe this lie. Benedick tells him that Don Pedro has won the heart of Hero. An unhappy Cladio leaves. Benedick accuses Don Pedro of stealing Hero for himself. The prince (Don Pedro) declares that he has kept his promise to Claudio. Benedick angrily relates how Beatrice had insulted him during the dance.

1. The scene is key to the events that follow, Claudio is angered when he thinks that Don Pedro is in love with Hero. He blames Don Pedro, saying that he 'mistrusted' him and that friendship is constant in all other things apart from affairs of love. 

2. The scene that follows is based around a theme of love, which implies happiness and light. This scene, however, is dark, with two main themes; Beatrice and Benedick role-playing with Beatrice mocking Benedick, and Claudio being agressive and ignorant after he hears of Don Pedro and Hero. 

3. Benedick and Beatrice are presented as flirtatious characters, teasing and mocking each other, but after hearing of Beatrice's opinion of him, Benedick feels angry at how she insulted him during the masked ball. Claudio is presented as a jealous, ignorant man, who fails to see reason and ultimately results to agression. 

4. The relationship between Don Pedro and Claudio deteriorates in lines 128 - 138, where Claudio quickly and angrily reveals his thoughts in blank verse.  He feels Don Pedro has betrayed him, and that love cancels out friendship. In this verse Claudio is full of woe and has given up on Hero. The relationship between Benedick and Beatrice turns from flirtatious teasing on Beatrice's behalf to anger and…


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