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How does Shakespheare make the scene interesting, dramtic or significant?       Act 1, Scene 3, Lines 1-55 The scene is significant to the rest of the story as it demonstrates the jealousy and mailice of Don John's character. This particular scene is a dark and angry scene full of hate, where Don John reveals his personality as a bitter, revenge-seeking '*******'.  The scene is set outside Leonato's house, and in the Keneth Branagh version, it is dark and appears to be late at night, which represents the sinister mood. Don John is presented as an aggressive, malcontent man, who refuses to do anything if it does not affect himself. He is shown as a selfish, unhappy character, who cannot see good in others. Conrade is portrayed as a rational character in this scene; at the begging of the scene, he tries to make Don John see reason, and make use of his discontent rather than causing further offence.  In lines 51 and 55, the relationship between Conrade, Borachio and Don John is particularly highlighted, they follow him, and obey…


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