Sexual ethics exam practice

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Explain one religion on the teachings of Sexual Ethics

Sexual ethics encompasses a wide variety of issues such as; abortion and contraception to homosexuality to bisexuality and transexuality to marriage, cohabitation and sexual acts. much of the debate about sexual ethics is related to and informed by religion, and this chapter considers religious views of sexuality in general and the study of homosexuality.

The religion that i will be incorporating in my answer is the Christian approach to sexuality. Christian attitudes to sex and marriage are influenced by the ancient cultures into and out of which the religion was born but is a mix of the new modern way of thinking and the influences of the ancient cultures, which is significantly stricter. The paradox in comtemporary Western Culture has created a new approach to sexual ethics that is spreading fast through our societies. Today a large portion of people in the Christian faith still see sexual pleasure as a holy grail, however it is pursued for its immediate physical attraction rathar than Aquinas' natural law approach which states that the purpose of sex should be for procreation and nothing else.

You would think that because sex is a natural act it has always been viewed as a positive element in life; this is not the case. Christian writers sometimes portrayed sex in a negative light - as with st Augustine who considered sex to be a sin, except for reproduction. On the other hand St Thomas Aquinas held a more positive view of the enjoyment of sex, although he still retained the link that sex had to be connected to reproduction.

There is a patirarchal view of marriage which is present in the Christian society. This view stems from the Early Hebrew law that regarded marriage as a purchase and assigned women that lowly status of the husband's property. People who support this view…


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