Sexual Ethics and the Bible


Cultural differences play a significant role in understanding about sex and even within societies there are differences of opinion.

Religion plays perhaps the most significant role in understanding what the purpose of sex is and what is morally acceptable for people to participate. 

Sex in the Old Testament

The old testament does not seem to have one particular view on sex and relationships as some views celebrate physical pleasure whilst others rejected it.

There are some particular accounts in the old testament to be aware of:-

  • Moving love stories (Ruth and Boaz)
  • Detailed accounts of incest with a father and daughter (Genesis 19)
  • Tales of seduction and sexual revenge
  • Sex is celebrated in the Song of Songs
  • Patriarch Jacob is known for having 2 wives and 2 mistresses and somewhat 12 children but this seems to go against everything which is fundamentally Christian

In Genesis 1 and 2 it is understood that sex is for procreation but sex is not seen as wrong but good - prior to the fall, Adam and Eve have sexual intercourse because it was good in


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