Settlement - Land use in Urban areas

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Land Use in Urban areas

Two main reasons for the change in land use in urban areas.

  • increase for housing demand
  • deindustrialisation, manufacturing has moved from urban areas in the UK to LICS.

Changing land use in Ubran areas:


  • People are marrying later in life - the average age has gone up from 24 in 1960 to 30 in 2010.
  • Theres been in a rise in the number of divorces which means that a family isnt living as a group but living in two different dwellings,
  • Added problem of an ageing population. Many people living later on their own or with their spouse until they are 70-80. Therefore more houses needed for the younger generation.


  • People can afford to buy or rent properties at an earlier age.
  • 'Buy now and Pay later' means that many people in their twenties dont save money but spend…


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