Settlement - Cairo case study

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Case Study: Cairo rapid growth in LICs

1) Reasons for rapid growth in urban LICs:

  • lack of jobs in rural areas because of population growth and mechanisation
  • salaries are lower in rural areas
  • preception of a better life including education in urban areas

2) High natural increase in population caused by:

  • youth of migrants, many of them are of a child breaing age
  • better medical facilities in urban areas therefore infant mortality has lowered
  • lack of contreception and knowledge about it

3) Positive effects of rapid growth:

  • large pool of workers meaning that people will be willing to do low price hardworking jobs, which can be working in a dirty environment. eg: Zballeen who collect and recyle waste.
  • purchasing power of such a large population which allows the economy to grow faster. Leading to expansion in the manufacturing and retail sectors.

Issues, causes and effects:

Noise Pollution - CAUSED by loud speakers coming from


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