Setting Out An Essay

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NB: This is a real exam essay question. The name of the novel and author have been kept hidden for copyright reasons. I hope you enjoy!

An essay involves arguing and proving a case in a logical way. In my example I am responding to the following task:

(The novel) by (author) is full of interesting characters. Which two have been most memorable for you? Give reasons for your choice by referring in some detail to the book.


Read the task carefully. In a single paragraph of not much more than 50-80 words, respond to the title of the essay you are writing, as in paragraph one.

Paragraph One

There are indeed many colourful and well-described characters in this text. The two most striking for me are Ms A, one of the central characters, and Mr B, who appears only in the later stages of the book. I shall begin by looking in detail at Ms A.

Now take the opportunity to make some general statements about the topic, in this case the charcater of Ms A, which you will then go on to support with evidence based on events, descriptions, opinions and other details from the test using quotes where appropiate.

Paragraph Two

We are introduced to Ms A when she is a small child growing up in a city, her father having mysteriously left home. This disappereance is to have a great effect on here life and explains why, when she is older, she decides to leave her friends and family and go in search of the father she has lost.

From these…


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