setting marketing objectives

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Marketing- The anticipating and satisfying of customer wants in a way that delights the consumer and also meets the needs of the organisation.Marketing involves communicating with existing and potential customers.

Purpose of marketing- meet the needs of the customers and the organisation. (customer- buy but don't use, consumers use)

Marketing objectives- the goals of the marketing function in an organisation. The organisation aims and objectives cascade down into the marketing function.

  • Sales volume = the number of items or products sold
  • Sales value = sales volumes x price

Market size- the volume of sales of a product or the value of the sales of a product. It is a measure of potential sales.

  • Market share = sales of one product or brand or company / total sales in the market x 100
  • Market growth = market size in year - market size in previous year / market size in previous year x 100

Factors influencing market growth

  • Economic growth
  • The nature of the product
  • Changes in taste
  • Social changes
  • Fashion

Brand- name, sign,


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