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My Service User is a Child and a Parent who use a local nursery and why they access this care. My main user is a Mother, Claire, who enrolled and brings her child, Matthew, to the nursery daily. These Names have been changed for confidentiality.

Why does your service user access the following service?

Claire accesses the Nursery for a number of reasons. The main reason is so that Matthew can be looked after during the day, surrounded by a number of peers his age. She puts her trust, in the Nursery Workers in order to care for her child and make sure they get the most out of his days at Nursery. Matthew, as a four year old, needs a lot of care whilst in the responsibitiy of the Nursery, he needs to be watched carefully whilst he plays. Matthew will need to be supported whilst at the Nursery so that he can achieve more whilst he is in their care. Claire said, in her interview, that she sends Matthew to the nursery so that they could both have a break from one another and get prepared for school by being away from eachother for a period of time, a couple of days a week.



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