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Seperation methods :

1-FILTERATION: this type of seperation method is to seperate an INSOLUBE solid from liquid.
--mixture is poured through filter paper, the insolube solid will remain on the paper but the liquid (filtrate)

2-CRYSTALLISATION: to seperate solute from a solution.
--heat the solution
--using a glass rod test if crystals form on it, if so leave the solution to cool down
--seperate the crystals by filtring then wash them in distilled water.

3-SIMPLE DISTILLATION: a solvent from a solution
--solvent boils off as gas at its boiling point
--the gas will condense at the condenser 
--the solute will remain in the flask 

4-FRACTIONAL DISITILLATION: two or more liquids mixed together/ e.g A-B (suppose gas A


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