Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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  • A Self fulfilling prophecy develops from a label based on a false assumption or prediction.
  • The label starts due to stereotypes that can be postive or negative, e.g. violent.
  • Stereotypes are when a whole group have certain characterstics, using one members evidence and generalising it to the others.
  • Once labelled a person is treated differently, for example if someone has an ASBO they may be labelled as untrustworty meaning they can't get a job.
  • The person then reacts to the label either internalising it due to the extent of the discrimination or turning to criminal activity due to the lack of opportunity.
  • The prophecy is therefore fulfilled.


  • There is a supporting study from JAHODA who found that people lived up to their names in an Ashanti town in Africa, boys who were…


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