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Important in early stages. Revealing intimate information about yourself to another person. E.g. your likes and dislikes, embarrassing experiences, hopes and dreams, fears, interests and attitudes. WE share information we consider to be of great importance to us.

Most people are careful not to disclose toom uch too soon in a relationship as it would be seen as breaking the social norm. 

Ultimately self-disclosure plays an important role in the devlopment of a relationship.

Social penetration theory

Atman and Taylor

Limited to begin with- gradual process of revealing your inner self to someone else. Indicates trust. Partner has to reciprocate and reveal personal information. Penetrate deeper into each others lives, developing the relationship further. Gaining a greater understanding of each other.

Breadth is narrow. Both breadth and depth is narrow to begin with because too much information is likely to be off-putting and threaten the relationship. The other partner my devide to quit the relationship as their partner may be percieved as despirate and clingy.

As relationship devleops gradually more layers (of the onion in the onion metaphor) are revealed. We reveal more intimate and personal information including painful memories and…


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