Secularisation in USA

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  • WILSON found that 45% attended church on sundays in 1962 however, he argued that church going in America used to be a ysmbol/ factor of the American way of life not because they truly believed in God. BRUCE claimed that America was a secular society not because people had abandoned the church but because the church had become very superficial. Evidence of secular USA: 1) declining church attendance. 2) secularisation from within. 3) religious diversity and realism.
  • DECLINING CHURCH ATTENDANCE- clergy and other people were actually exaggerated % of attendees. It was found that the opinion polls matched the church's own figures but since then the attendance gap has widened. BRUCE concludes that attendance has declined more and more but this could be because it is not seen as unrespectable to not attend church
  • SECULARISATION FROM WITHIN- BRUCE argues that the American Way of Life has declined and consequently religion has


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