Secularisation in britian

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  • Crockett estimates that in 1851, 40% or more of the adult population of britian attended church on sundays, which led some to claim that the 19th century was the 'golden age of religion'
  • Wilson argues that western societies have been undergoing a long-term process of secularisation, where 'religous beliefs, practices and institutions lose social significance'
  • it is certaintly the case that there have been some major changes in religion in the UK since the 19th century; a fall in the proportion of the population attending church, an increase in the average age of church goers and greater religous diversity

Church attendance today;

  • Only 6.3% of the adult population attended church on Sundays in 2005, halving since the 1960's and likely to fall further. 
  • very few children attend sunday schools. Church weddings and baptisms are also declining
  • The english


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