What is secularisation?

  • The process by which the influence of God is steadily eroded from within society which is thought to have begun with the rise of science from the 12th century onwards.
  • It is typically found in Western European societies...religion tends to thrive elsewhere in the world.
  • Has the basic idea is that there is an explanation for everything that does not involve God, therefore, there is no need for God. Although people can still believe in God, belief is seen as a private matter and should not influence public affairs.
  • Religious celebrations today have been recast in secular terms, hence the way events in the Christian calendar such as Christmas and Easter which have become secularised and so this erodes the original Christian meaning of events. Today, Christmas is associated with expensive gifts/presents whilst Easter is typically associated with chocolate eggs and confectionery.

Why has society become secularised?

  • The secularisation of Sundays-Shops are open for trade, there is often coverage of…


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